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Chris Chandler


Chris Chandler, who hails from the south, is a traveling bard who brings together storytelling, social commentary, and music and weaves them into a compelling, entertaining, and amazing experience. For this very special concert, he will be accompanied by former Upstater, David Roe on piano and guitar, and vocals Steffon Moody writes of Chandler: "Born in Georgia, the son of a Baptist minister, Chris Chandler found his own way of spreading "The Word." He takes the pulse of America, and then with equal parts acidic irony and utopian idealism, casts his prognosis to audiences at the rate of up to 250 shows per year. Part preacher, poet, huckster, wandering minstrel and medicine show sideman, Chandler casts a spell over an audience with a slight southern drawl and conjures the profane with the profound. The historical past is mingled with the hysterical present. A gritty Americana blends with a grand oratorical style. "His wordy creations owe as much to the traditions of theater and slam poetry as to music. Chandler works with a musician, weaving his poetry with traditional songs in a way that gives the songs new life. Utah Phillips said, "He is the best performance poet I have ever seen."

"Great Work, Ever Thought Of Trying It In Calypso?" - Allen Ginsberg " I thought I was the last American weirdo then I met Chris Chandler." - Mojo Nixon
" Chris Chandler reminds me of my own self way back when - listen to him Now!" - Tom Paxton
" The spirit of Woody Guthrie lives in the heart of Chris Chandler." - Peter Yarrow (of Peter Paul and Mary)
" We are going to hear a whole lot more from this Watergate Generation guy. I wish I would happen upon him singing in the subway." - Pete Seeger
" Having Chris Chandler open a show is like having Roberto Clemente be your bat boy." - Dan Bern
" Funnier than Hell!!" - NW Passage
" This is not your father's folk music." - Performing Songwriter
" This guy has a lot to say but not on my beat." - Officer J. Truitts, New Orleans Police Department.
" Though there are only two on stage you'll swear there is a whole troupe of actors, dancers, acrobats, mimes and musicians!" - People's Weekly World