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Dyer Switch

Dyer Switch
It is generally agreed that the instruments frequently heard in bluegrass music include guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, and often Dobro and fiddle. What you do not hear in traditional bluegrass is drums. You won't miss them; bluegrass music is driven by pulsing rhythm and solid bass with some of the highest energy seen in any form of traditional music. Bluegrass will be ringing at the Night Eagle Cafe in Oxford on Saturday, April 25 at 8:00, with the return of Dyer Switch.

Dyer Switch is a band that has the grit of the south but the fast pace of the north. They've taken their repertoire of traditional and contemporary bluegrass and original material all over the east coast for almost a decade. These recording artists have seen their third album, "American Airwaves," generate considerable airplay as bluegrass music steadily creeps out of the shadow of mainstream country music. Bluegrass has something entirely different to offer.

The hard-driving bluegrass sound of Dyer Switch is accomplished by four bandmembers. Tom Benson's rhythmic mandolin style and tasteful guitar, as well as his original compositions, are the band's cornerstone. JoAnn Sifo adds guitar and both lead and harmony vocals. Her range reaches from tenor to high baritone, but can deliver both a bluesy yearning or a gentle ballad. JoAnn is an established songwriter, one of whose songs was recently number one on a European chart.

Bob Altschuler has been playing banjo and Dobro (tm) for 25 years, and has been influenced by the particular styles identified with Earl Scruggs, Bill Keith and Tony Trischka. His unique banjo style provides the sharp edge of the Dyer Switch sound, and has received considerable radio airplay. Bill Cormier is the newest member of the band, and brings along the warm, pulsing steady bluegrass style on his acoustic bass that comprises the band's musical foundation. He has played with Heartwood, Kevin Maul, and Richard Thompson, and has appeared on BCN Records "Tribute to Jack Hardy."