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Full Frontal Folk


Full Frontal Folk
Guaranteed to knock your socks off! Combining the talents of Wendy Fuhr, Jennifer Schonwald and Courtney Malley results in a full sensory experience. Each is an individually accomplished musician and singer in her own right, but as a band they are combustible. They combine a "Gen-X" attitude with good solid Folk Music sensibilities. Add to the mix their fun sense of personal style and off the wall sense of humor and you'll find yourself immersed in the Full Frontal Folk unique spin on the folk music genre. This is a show you don't want to miss. What will you hear? The band shares a love of traditional, old-timey and bluegrass music, as well as contemporary singer-songwriter, pop & punk. Like their musical influences, they want to push the envelope and bring elements of all genres to their repertoire. Not surprisingly, they succeed with sensitivity and attention to detail. Contemporary songs made famous by The Eagles may quickly follow traditional songs, like Catie Cruel or Blood and Gold. All songs are delivered with beautiful 3-part vocal arrangements, which are at times polished, quirky, haunting, or poignant. Their instrumentation, including 6-string guitar, fiddle, and percussion, never takes away from their powerful voices.

" I love F cubed because they've got it all figured out. They don't take themselves, or us, too seriously. The thing they do take seriously is the music. Their instincts are true and their harmony is like a guilty pleasure. I just can't figure out why they want a quote from me... they're already more famous than I am." -John Flynn, Singer-Songwriter

"Awesome, a union that was long overdue" -DJ Gene Shay of The Folk Show, WXPN-FM, Philadelphia