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Jim's Big Ego

Jim's Big Ego
Photo by Liz Linder

How much music can a guitar, an upright bass, a cocktail drum kit and three voices produce? In the case of Jim's Big Ego, the answer is plenty. This trio from Boston creates a sound that can best be described as "Smart Pop" a groovy blend of rhythm and wit that aims to move your head as well as your hips.
Jim's Big Ego is based around the genius of songwriter, poet and local cult hero Jim Infantino, who has a tendency to write about anything but what is expected. The songs are a brilliant combination of witty, irreverent, and insightful lyrics layered over infectious melodies and dense rhythms
Jim's Big Ego has gained a sizeable following on college campuses and in cities throughout the Northeast largely due to their dynamic live performances. Their shows are playful and surprising, often incorporating audience interaction with a keen sense of invention and spontaneity.
You may find Jim's Big Ego swimming in the ocean of modern American pop along with Beck, Soul Coughing, Talking Heads, Barenaked Ladies and They Might Be Giants. Then again, most of their fans say they haven't quite heard anything like them before. Music this original and enjoyable is bound to make a fresh impression and stay in your head and your cd changer for months at a time.