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The Bobs

The Bob's


It's been 20 years since the Bobs began subverting pop with offbeat vocal arrangements, and judging from COASTER there's still no stopping them...the group's ingenuity trumps its endurance

...a blend of fresh tunes, road-tested material and cunning harmonies... -Washington Post
...a marriage of Barenaked Ladies and Manhattan Transfer...truly off the beaten path... -Miami Herald

The Bobs are unique, hilarious and extremely entertaining...a polished act with an endearing quirkiness and stunning proficiency...truly in a league of their own...haunting vocals that spark the imagination...Whether they're emulating an instrument or actually singing real words, this act consistently provokes responses ranging from laughter to awestruck shock....

The Bobs are a must-see for anyone who likes their fancy tickled...a cross between a phenomenal choral group and an improv comedy troupe... -Music Connection, Los Angeles

Has to be heard to be believed...Irony and irony within irony...The Fun Four communicate with great wit and the kind of superb vocal nuance and timing that lasting music is made of. -Soundstage

They won me over before they even started singing...Their self-deprecating shtick is obviously a sham as the first notes out of their mouths are perfectly in tune and so focused your can almost see their sound punch the air in front of them with its force... the lyrics are witty, outrageous or just plain weird... you start getting a sense that these are your extremely talented friends up there and you're at a private party with them...they joke with the audience, they joke with each other, insert ad-libbed lyrics into songs at inappropriate times and crack each other and the audience evening of great singing and giddy delights. - Jetsetters Magazine

The Bobs are like a barbershop quartet gone completely insane. -Eastside Journal, Seattle The Bobs continue to give one of the best musical performances on the road today. A capella at its best. -Peter Zimmerman, The Barns of Wolf Trap (after annual sellouts)