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The Mammals

“When The Mammals took the stage at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville in September, it was easy to mistake them for a bluegrass band . . . instead all five musicians attacked the old fiddle tune at once, hooting and hollering, pushing the beat and improvising simultaneously. They sounded like an inspired garage-rock band using hillbilly instruments.” - New York Times

Woodstock, NY band, The Mammals, boast a loyal North-American following, and burst with a dynamic and captivating repertoire. After touring the US for 5 years in a van full of guitars, banjos, fiddles, drums, and upright bass, this quintet is preparing to make some larger journeys. Their singularly enthusiastic reception at the Woodford Folk Festival in Australia last winter gave birth to a 7 week follow-up Australian tour this March and April, and the summer is already filling up with major festivals on two continents.

At a Mammals show, party meets personality. The old-time music that they love is great for rhythmic escape. Interspersed with these dancey numbers, the band’s three singers, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Michael Merenda, and Ruth Merenda bring dynamic and heartfelt leads and harmonies to the forefront. At times familiar, and at times original, their songs all have something to say.

This band continues to apply humor to today's political rhetoric with some of their lyrics. “While rooted in acoustic music and lefty politics, these anti-war rants and personal reveries are updated with harmonic polish and smart, melodic twists that could equally appeal to a fan of Fleetwood Mac or Bonnie Raitt.” Philadelphia Daily News

The Mammals greatest joy is performing for festival audiences, but their acoustic roots enable them to feel as comfortable in an intimate setting. The sensitivity of their charismatic drummer, Chris Merenda, and bold strokes of their impeccable bassist, Jacob Silver make all things possible.

The Mammals "create a collectively harmonized howl as thrilling and rocking as any band currently subverting folk traditions." ­ No Depression

“Combining a modern pop sensibility with organic musical honesty, you hear everything from string sections to claw-hammer banjo. The band's ability to unite disparate forms to create fresh amalgamations makes them special among the young bands.” ­ Vintage Guitar

“The Mammals are the finest young bluegrass/old-timey band in the country, the country-branch house band for the new weird America. They perform total energy, off-kilter folk that more resembles the twisted quirk of the Holy Modal Rounders than the clean jeans or alter-ninnies currently clawhammering banjos.” LA Weekly